Create and Install Your Own Divi Child Theme

Creating a Divi Child Theme is quite a simple process, in this tutorial I’ll demonstrate two different methods to get you started in no time, but first you need to have the Divi Theme installed.

Divi is a premium theme from Elegant Themes, it has a visual builder integrated into the theme, which makes building websites easier than ever before.

Your child theme will work with this parent theme, child themes inherit the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. This is the recommended way of modifying an existing theme without losing changes after theme updates.


Creating Your Child Theme

There are two methods, both are extremely straight forward.

Method 1:

Download our own Divi Child Theme and unzip the zip file.

There are four files included in this folder, you can open the files with any notepad, however I recommend using this Free Programmers Notepad, which allows you to open many different file formats, and could be a handy tool in future.

1. Replace the screenshot.png file with your own 256 x 256 px or 512 x 512 px image, this will be your themes featured image.

2. Open the style.css file and edit the following lines:

3. Open the functions.php file and edit the following lines, inputting your primary email address and website or business name:
4. Open the footer.php file and edit the following lines, inputting your website copyright:

5. Make sure you saved all the changes, then exit the programmers notepad and rename the parent folder to your theme name.

6. Archive and zip the folder, it must be .zip format or else WordPress won’t recognise it.

7. On your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the AppearenceThemes > Select Add New > Select Upload Theme > Navigate to the folder where you have the zip file > Install it > Activate it and that’s it.

Method 2:

DiviCake provide a Free child Theme Generator which allows you to insert all the relavant information online and download the zip file right away.

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