Edit the Footer Text in WordPress

Editing the Footer text in WordPress is such an easy task, so there’s not much to write about, I’ll get straight into it.

Navigate to Appearance > Edit > footer.php (check to the right side of the window), you may not see this file, which means you don’t have a Child Theme installed or you don’t have the footer.php file in your Child Theme.

To create and/or install a child theme, see the below post:

Create and Install Your Own Divi Child Theme

Once you have your child theme installed, you only need to edit the text between the echo ‘string’ , as seen below:

The &copy displays the copyright symbol, to see a list of different symbols, check out the artcile below from w3schools.com – you can find a lot of great resources there:


The Divi WordPress Theme allows you to edit the footer text from the customization screen, without the need to edit php code in the editor.

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