How to Disable a WordPress Plugin via FTP

So you’ve installed a plugin and your website isn’t loading, or the newly installed plugin won’t deactivate – what do you do?

Open your favourite FTP Program, I recommend using Filezilla if you don’t have one installed already.

FTP into your websites file system, browse the following path:


Yours may be httpdocs, or www instead of public_html. 

Find the problematic plugin(I have just named it prblem-plugin for this tutorial), and rename it as below:
Basically all you have to do is add -disabled to the plugins folder name, then try reload your website.

If you don’t instend on fixing the issue with the plugin, then you can permanently delete the folder, however if you’ve installed a few plugins and not sure whch one is the culprit, then disabling them one by one will help you find the plugin with the issue.

I hope this tutorial has helped you resolve the issue, if you’re still experiencing the same issue, it may a different prolem altogether and we may be able to help you via TeamViewer Remote Support.

We have WordPress Gurus on Stand By.

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