Start Your Own Web Design Business For Less Than $150


In this article we provide information on a few great services required to work from home and make a potential living, without any prior programming or coding knowledge:

Desktop Computer or Laptop

Internet Connection

A Few Bucks


Time and Patience


With the Power of WordPress which is absolutely free, the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes, BlueHost Domain Services and Zoho Invoice, you’ll have your business running in no time. We’ll break down each of the services below with their pricing.

Prices are subject to change at anytime, we cannot guarantee that these service costs will remain the same. 

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This may sound crazy, but your initial investment would total to $101.95,  thereafter the 1 year mark(Renew Elegant Themes) of your venture. This isn’t a huge investment at all, you really just need more time and patience than money.

Zoho Invoice and BlueHost are optional services, you may already have your own method of invoicing and domain hosting.


“We built this website in two days with the Divi Theme”

Let’s talk about the Divi Theme

Build Websites Without Any Code Knowledge

Divi is a powerful WordPress Theme built by Elegant Themes, and it’s powered by the Divi Builder, an insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front end editor like nothing you have seen before. It will change the way you build websites forever.

Divi comes with amazing content elements. Mix, match and build just about anything you can imagine.

Check how easy it is to use Divi : 70+ Video Tutorials covering every Divi Subject by Elegant Themes

Moving On

So you’ve learned a few things about the Divi WordPress Theme, below we’ve added some tips to help you get started.

Domain Hosting

Use BlueHost to register your business website, the first website you’ll build. Treat this phase as your practical, it is optional but it will help you going forward. Once you’re happy with your website, attempt to bring in your first customer. 


After all, a business without them isn’t a business at all. Start off by advertising to family and friends, there’s bound to be someone close to you who needs a small website for around $200 – already made your money back and word of mouth travels fast.

Shoutcart Traffic

After testing the waters, you’ll feel the motivation kicking in and you may be ready to bring in a few more clients. Use Shoutcart to drive real human traffic to your website at reasonable rates via Instagram.


If you’re ready to invest your money, it’s possible to get your business off the ground within a few days. However you need to put the time in to build your own website and thereafter for your clients, and believe us – it’s amazingly easy with the Divi Theme.


We cannot guarantee sales, or that your website/business will be any success at all. That all depends on how hard you work and how you drive traffic and visitors to your website, and if you take our advice with an open mind. Divi, BlueHost, Zoho Invoice and Shoutcart have been our combination of success, and we wish you all the best if you decide to give this industry a go. 

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